Lato Pros Kamara
Ammoudi, Aghios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece
TK 72100
Phone (28410) 23361 or 22673 Mobile 6945530706
Code for Greece 0030
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Crete's No.1 Kennel: We have world champion breeding lines for both Show and Working German Shepherd Dogs.

We also specialise in Cretan Hounds.
We have one of the leading Racing Pigeon lofts in Greece, breeding top flight pigeons.

Our History:
Our kennel name was the name once given to the area of Crete where we can be found. During the 3rd Century BC Lato pros Kamara was a flourishing commercial port. Now the harbour in Aghios Nikolaos is mainly used by excursion cruises and local fishing boats.

The beautiful town of Aghios Nikolaos is named after the saint of the same name and is often shortened to Ag. Nik.
The rise of Aghios Nikolaos started in the 1960's when tourism really began in Crete and the town has prospered ever since. Today Aghios Nikolaos attracts thousands of foreign visitors every year. Its popularity can be explained by its natural attractions such as the pretty harbour and "bottomless" lake, coupled with the fact that it is still a typical cretan town which has been much altered but not spoilt by tourism.

According to Greek mythology, the goddess Athina used to come to the "bottomless" lake to bathe. The lake, which is believed to be the result of volcanic action, has a depth of 64 metres but was once believed to be bottomless and to be haunted.